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  1. It was released originally as a double album and a double cassette on J & B Records in 1984 with 50 tracks.
  2. Grohl claimed that the big number of requests led Toomey to " literally dub them on a double cassette deck in her bedroom ."
  3. In 2011 Gnar Tapes released a double cassette of Orange's recent electronic recordings entitled " Deep Stain Doublest Dubba Dope Duba Stank Dank Tape ".
  4. A double cassette named'The Shape of Things to Come'featuring unsigned artists was given out this year along with the double disc compilation'CD From Hell '.
  5. In the 1980s, Sharp Corporation produced a karaoke party system HK-Z20 with double cassette decks, one for synchronizing / recording and one for continuous playback.


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