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  1. Later, he delivered his annual Easter greetings in a scheduled 62 different languages _ including Aramaic, Hebrew, Hindi and Maori _ to the applause and shouts of the crowd.
  2. Easter greeting cards, Oklahoma's representatives in the House of Representatives, the New Deal, and the history of Speakers of the U . S . House of Representatives.
  3. Included with many copies of the first edition of the poem was Carroll's religious tract, " An Easter Greeting to Every Child Who Loves " Alice " ".
  4. He caps the week with Easter Mass on Sunday and his annual Easter greeting _ delivered in more than 50 languages to tens of thousands of people in St . Peter's Square.
  5. After delivering his traditional message, John Paul issued Easter greetings in 61 languages, including Serbian, Albanian and Macedonian, the languages of three of the peoples immediately caught up in the Balkan crisis.


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