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  1. After graduation Theil started working as researcher for the Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis under Jan Tinbergen, where in 1953 he developed the famous 2-stage least squares ( 2SLS ) method.
  2. "We could get locked into a situation where we can't lower rates, " said Lance Taylor, director of the Center for Economic Policy Analysis at the New School for Social Research.
  3. The other members are Nabil Qassis, a physicist who heads an institute for economic policy analysis, and Sari Nusseibeh, head of Jerusalem University and a sometime critic of Arafat . ib-hla / kl
  4. In 1999, he was senior advisor to the Office of the U . S . Trade Representative and in 2000 he was named director of Economic Policy Analysis and Public Diplomacy in the State Department.
  5. Don't expect significant help from the luxury tax for the game's small-market teams like the Florida Marlins, said Phil Porter, director of the Center for Economic Policy Analysis for the University of South Florida in Tampa.


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