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  1. The economic policy , rakuichi-rakuza (free markets and open guilds ) made it possible to hire many pursuers of military service , therefore , the long-term dispatch of a large army was doable even during the busy farming season .
  2. Through the bank of taiwan , a large amount of japanese capital was put into taiwan , which economic policy contributed to the development of capitalism in taiwan , and further investment in china and the southeast asian countries from taiwan .
  3. Keicho koban was made based on the principle of kyome 1ryo , however , later , due to economic policies of different periods except in shotoku kyoho period , it became often made worse both in karat (content rate of gold ) and ryome (a weighed value ).
    慶長小判はこの京目一両の原則に沿っていたが、後世、正徳 (日本)享保期を除き、時代ごとの経済政策により品位(金含有率)?量目ともに改悪されることが多かった。
  4. On the other hand , since yoshimune recognized the righteousness in many of the economic policies , especially the principle of high grade currency policy as well as the trading policy in nagasaki , he took over such reforms from shotoku no chi .
  5. Moreover , the assessing of a new 5% tax to fund construction at the imperial palace complex and the abrupt economic policy decisions to mint a new coinage , issue new paper notes , etc . only exacerbated the chaos facing the economy , already exhausted due to the just-ended war against the shogunate .


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