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  1. Furthermore , the new economic policy outline , which was one of the key points of the new order movement , faced opposition from the financial world , with ichizo kobayashi , the minister of commerce and industry , clashing with vice-minister , nobusuke kishi , the driving force behind the outline , whom kobayashi criticized as ' a red .'
  2. Konoe was hostile to the reform bureaucrats , seeing them as ' communists in nationalist clothing ,' so when kiichiro hiranuma joined the cabinet in december , he planned to settle the matter by watering down the new economic policy plan; in addition , hiranuma had the authors of the plan arrested as communists , and nobusuke kishi resigned .
  3. Rakuichi-rakuza (free markets and open guilds ) was an economic policy implemented in the markets of government controlled areas such as castle towns by the shokuho government (the government of nobunaga oda and hideyoshi toyotomi ) and the sengoku daimyo (japanese territorial lord in the sengoku period ) during the early modern period (16th century to 18th century ) in japan .


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