economic powerの例文


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  1. Learning a lesson from this , japan aimed to revise the treaties and improve national security by strengthening its economic power with land-tax reform and encouragement of industries (national enrichment ), and military power with the conscription system and reformation of the military system (strengthening of the military ) to catch up with other great powers .
  2. With this kind of increased power behind them the shugo absorbed the kokuga (provincial government offices ) organization that was until then controlled by the kokushi , and at the same time , with their increased economic power , made the provincial jito , local lords (called kokujin at the time ) and other people of influence hikan (vassals ).
  3. Through the diplomacy that sotsuhiko had with korea as described above , it is likely that number of immigrant groups that have been settled in the katsuraki region contributed in stregthening katsuraki clan ' s economic power by being engaged in handycrafts such as smithery (arms and weapons ) under the control of the katsuraki clan .
  4. The enryaku-ji temple owned a large keidai (land ) on the east side of the kamo-gawa river in kyoto through yasaka-jinja shrine that was under the control of enryaku-ji temple , and kofuku-ji temple owned most of the shoen (manor in medieval japan ) in yamato province; they had a large influence on kyoto through their economic power throughout the middle ages .
  5. On the other hand , merchant families , who were seen as being of lower social rank despite their considerable economic power , hired the creation of replicas of luxury arms against the samurai , as well as beautifully decorated five-color streamers instead of nobori , according to illustrations on kibyoshi (an illustrated book of popular fiction whose cover is yellow ).


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