economic powerの例文


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  1. Although zaibatsu were dissolved and divided into banks , securities companies , trading companies , etc , they retained overwhelming economic power until around the bubble economy era .
  2. Under the conservative-versus-progressive party system established in 1955 by liberal democratic party and socialist party of japan , japan has become one of major economic powers via a high economic growth period .
  3. The children had a shoen (i .e . a manor ) and came to take control of accepted temples by political power due to their economic power so that they ultimately came to succeed each monryu .
  4. Japan which became a major economic power following the united states of america regained self-confidence , and in the osaka expo in 1970 , a slogan , ' progress and harmony of mankind ,' was set out .
  5. Such a sake brewery with economic power also began to produce rice malt which had been done by different industries from sake brewery , and as a result , it came into conflict with the guild of conventional suppliers of malts .


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