economic powerの例文


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  1. Like nobunaga oda , nagayoshi was a well-educated person that focused on the economic power of sakai city and often held the renga-kai (a gathering of linked verse ) to pay particular attention to the relationship with the imperial court .
  2. In the field of diplomatic relationships , he kept a friendly relationship with the taira clan based on its huge economic power and on the other hand he harbored minamoto no yoshitsune , an onzoshi (son of a distinguished family ) of the minamoto clan .
  3. Nobuhide was a visionary who brought economic distribution hub at the time under control in order to activate commerce , such as getting economic power by governing tsushima city and atsuta , commercial cities near shobata-jo castle .
  4. Gradually , economical and political contradiction became serious between zuryo , who had big authority for ruling provinces , and gunji/tato fumyo class , who had economic power gained through the management of myoden or private estates .
  5. However , in reality it was difficult to establish an independent religious organization in kyoto as opposed to established temples such as enryaku-ji temple , which acquired economic power over the years and in some cases had military forces .


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