economic powerの例文


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  1. Millionaires who were descents from aristocracy who had settled in the country or local magistrates grew into tato fumyo (cultivator/tax manager ): they undertook cultivation of myoden and tax collection from kokuga and expanded their economic power .
  2. Based on newly gained economic power , provincial military governors strengthened their influence within their territories in order to subjugate land stewards , soldiers , village headmen and other influential people and to place them under their own control .
  3. Economic power - in those days , when major commercial capital had not emerged yet , major temples received the biggest capital in the form of rice acquired in plenty from their vast shoen (manor in medieval japan ) as well as of abundant donation from nobles .
    経済力 - 広大な荘園から納入される豊富な米や、貴族などから集まってくる潤沢な寄進によって、大きな商業資本がまだない当時においては、大寺院とは最も資本の集中する存在であった。
  4. The shugo daimyo is a concept in japanese history that refers to the shugo of the muromachi period , who acquired not only the function of the military and law enforcement but also the economic power , and strengthened the territorial , pervasive control over a province .
  5. The imperial court decided local administration sections in order to establish centralized administrative framework and divided various provinces into four grades in accordance with political power , economic power and national power such as land area , kokudaka (crop yield ), population .


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