economic powerの例文


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  1. Many influential temples and shrines came to have a strong economic power as the base of merchants , traders and finance , because they were guarded by political neutrality and nonaggression although they were located in not so far places from the center of politics such as kyoto .
  2. The peiyang militarists disliked the condition where concessions in manchuria were monopolized exclusively by japan , thus the peiyang militarists actively tried to involve the usa because of it ' s economic power to construct railway lines equally matched with japan ' s south manchuria railway lines .
  3. There also is a weighty view asserting that the cause was the fact that the cases where peasants , who strengthened their economic power thanks to the spread of a two-crop system etc . and began to settle at one place , jointly refused to pay nengu to jito or azukedokoro (a deputy of the lord of shoen ) increased .
  4. The economic power of sanpogakunin in the early edo period was about 2 .5 million koku in total for 38 families and was poor , and it is said that , apart from nanto-ho and tennoji-ho who were protected by the power of temples and shrines , the musicians in kyoto-ho who were subordinated to the court nobles were bad off .
  5. He subsequently held control of the economic power in sakai city , entrusting his armies with his competent younger brothers to fight wars in kawachi province , yamato province and tanba province one after another; though he built a large administration , this resulted only in his only influence stopping at the local level .


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