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  1. Electret microphones and condenser microphones employ electrostatics as the sound wave strikes the microphone's diaphragm, it moves and induces a voltage change.
  2. The polar molecules of the dielectric align themselves to the direction of the electrostatic field, producing a dipole electret with a permanent electrostatic'bias '.
  3. Cellular space charge electrets with internal bipolar charges at the voids provide a new class of electret materials, that mimic ferroelectrics, hence they are known as ferroelectrets.
  4. Some other sensitive designs measure the current generated by the flow of a non-corrosive ionic fluid through an electret sponge or a conductive fluid through a magnetic field.
  5. Can someone suggest a battery-powered circuit for amplifying the output of an electret mike to drive a headphone ( the type commonly used for portable media players )?


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