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  1. They are also used in some types of air filters, for electrostatic collection of dust particles, in electret ion chambers for measuring ionizing radiation or radon and in Vibration Energy Harvesting.
  2. The effect of this equation can be seen in the case of an object with a " frozen in " polarization like a bar electret, the electric analogue to a bar magnet.
  3. An "'electret microphone "'is a type of electrostatic capacitor-based microphone, which eliminates the need for a polarizing power supply by using a permanently charged material.
  4. Due to their good performance and ease of manufacture, hence low cost, the vast majority of microphones made today are electret microphones; a semiconductor manufacturer estimates annual production at over one billion units.
  5. Condenser microphones have impedance converter ( current amplifier ) circuitry that requires powering; in addition, the capsule of any non-electret, non-RF condenser microphone requires a polarizing voltage to be applied.


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