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  1. In the panoramic screen painting of kyoto and environs , the original keep was drawn as a 5 story keep in the northwest part of the castle (near present-day seiryu-en garden ).
  2. The fudo-gawa river (or the ceiling river ) is well known , as the torrential rainfall of 1953 in the southern part of kyoto prefecture caused a partial collapse of its banks and serious inundation of its environs .
  3. There was a huge influx of homeless people into edo and its environs due to the great tenmei famine and the resulting political instability , and many of the homeless committed a wide variety of serious crimes .
  4. Since heiankyo and its environs suffered drought that year , the conference of daijokan was to be held in the seiryoden , emperor daigo ' s living quarters , on july 29 to discuss whether or not to hold a praying-for-rain ceremony .
  5. While the special vessel stands and jars , which are presumed to have been brought from okayama city and its environs , are only seen in the rounded rear , the jar-shaped haji pottery with a dual-rimmed mouth and holes on the bottom have been gathered from the square front .
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