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  1. What shinran expounded about the term is that accepting faith devoted by amida buddha would affirm birth in the pure land , and attainment of enlightenment , becoming a buddha , at that moment .
  2. Michikane , who attended upon emperor kazan as kurodo , expounded the teachings of buddha to the emperor with genkyu of the gankei-ji temple (also known as kazan-ji temple ) and induced the emperor to take the tonsure .
  3. It consists of gaathaa (verse ) and chogo (prose ), and the latter in particular expounds " gonenmon " (five practice-gates of mindfulness ) as a way of jodo ojo (rebirth in the pure land ).
  4. This was based on the manner sakya-muni buddha enlightened shujo (all living things ) in plain language using parables , and this manner was used in the sections of the hoke-kyo sutra in which the teachings were plainly expounded ,.
  5. As a neo-confucian scholar , razan hayashi expounded a dualism in which all things are composed of " ri (reason )" and " ki (body )" and described an ideal by which reason would govern lust in the same way that laws govern phenomena .


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