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  1. It is one of the approaches of propagation by buddhism (especially nichiren-related religious schools ), and is a word as opposed to shoju (a method of expounding buddhism in which one gradually leads another to the correct teaching according to that person ' s capacity and without refuting his or her attachment to mistaken views ).
  2. That is to say , it is made up of essential principles (five outlines [五略 ]) , expounding , appearance , method of guidance , partial and perfect (偏円 ), expedient means , correct practice , good luck , rise to the teaching and shiki (旨帰 ), but the latter half of them was not expounded because the lecture period was ended .
  3. Hoke-kyo sutra (the lotus sutra ) indicated that people who had not been able to believe buddhism and had intended to stop believing when daitsuchi-sho-butu had been born a long time ago , had been reborn in the era of sakya-muni buddha , who for 40-odd years had expounded his various teachings showing tentative enlightenment to make them understand the teachings and train themselves and had lead them to the real treasure , ichijo teachings .
  4. As this term indicated , shinran explained that , unlike the creed of pure land teachings until then , he made faith , conferred upon the individual by amida buddha , the sole precondition for attainment of birth in the pure land and for guarantee to become a buddha at this moment and in this world (ichinenhokki jushojoju , heizei-gogyo , and sokutokuojo jufutaiten: all these verses expound shinran ' s concept of " genseishojoju " ).
  5. The following year , in 736 , he commenced daihannya-kyo tendoku-e (a buddhist ceremony in which part of the 600-verse prajna sutra [the great perfection of wisdom sutra ] are recited by a group of priests , fanning the folded pages of the sutra text through the air while reciting the prajna sutra incantation [chant ]) at daian-ji temple , and in 739 , served as lecturer to expound upon daigokuden saisho-o-kyo kosetsu (literally , a lecture on the most victorious kings sutra [suvarnaprabhasa ] at the council hall in the imperial palace ).


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