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  1. In this place , rennyo expounded the creed to the public in an easy-to-understand manner , sometimes using a preaching letter written by himself , which is called ' ofumi ' or ' gobunsho ,' and granting scrolls carrying ' rokuji myogo ' (the six characters of buddha ' s name ), i .e ., ' na-mu-a-mi-da-butsu ,' and so a great number of believers came to visit yoshizaki gobo not only from the hokuriku region but from the ou region (the present tohoku region ).
  2. In the early heian period when mappo-shiso (the " end of the world " belief ) prevailed , it was expounded by the monk genshin and others to the nobility in the early heian period and then widely to ordinary people in the late heian period , and early in the early kamakura period , " jizo bosatsu hosshin innen juo-kyo sutra " ( " jizojuo-kyo " for short ), which was also a bogus sutra , was created based on yoshu juo shoshichi-kyo sutra (yuxiu shiwang shengqijing ).
  3. Zhiyi , the tendai daishi (a great master of tendai sect ), interpreted each of junyoze (buddhism ten factors of life ) in three different ways; the first , second , and the third meaning of a form (the first factor ) is as follows: every form is equal; every form is different; every form is in the middle; zhiyi applied these three ways of interpretation to each of junyoze; thus as for the ninth factor , ' recompense ,' the first , second , and the third meaning is as follows: every recompense is equal , every recompense is different , every recompense is in the middle; and he expounded these three aspects of each one of the ten factors as the three truths of the empty , contingent , and middle; for this reason , these three ways of interpretation are called santen dokumon (literally ' the meaning changes three times as one reads the text ' ).


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