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  1. Expression analysis has implicated IQGAP1 in ovarian cancers, and in some of these cancers, higher IQGAP1 expression levels indicate a poor prognosis.
  2. The advent of next-generation sequencing has made sequence based expression analysis an increasingly popular, " digital " alternative to microarrays called RNA-Seq.
  3. After the systematic knockout is completed ( and possibly confirmed by mRNA expression analysis ), the phenotypic results of the knockdown / knockout can be observed.
  4. Another study showed that culture of human embryonic stem cells in mitotically inactivated porcine ovarian fibroblasts ( POF ) causes differentiation into germ cells, as evidenced by gene expression analysis.
  5. Clinically, trancriptomic biomarkers detect multi-gene molecular patterns, such as miRNA, which can be analyzed and processed through pattern-based RNA expression analysis to isolate differentiated molecular subtypes.


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