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  1. The kojiki and the third addendum to the nihonshoki state that because hoori saw toyotamabime giving birth in her original form , she felt ashamed and returned to the country of the sea , but she sent her younger sister tamayoribime to him with a poem in order to raise the child .
  2. When he was pilloried in front of the gate of the nijo-jo castle and was provided kowaii (steamed rice ) and akaiwashi (pickled sardines ) put on an oshiki (wooden tray ) by an ashigaru (common foot soldier ), he got angry and said ' i don ' t feel ashamed to be defeated in battle and captured , but it is impolite to serve such poor food . behead me immediately ,'
  3. There are also various theories about how yasaburo-baba turned into the god: she had turned over a new leaf by the efforts of sojo (the official buddhist priest in the highest position ), or she felt ashamed of herself for having done evil deeds and became a believer in buddhism personally , or local people enshrined and worshipped the hag as a god to suppress her misdeeds; and so on .


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