flat colorの例文


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  1. Artists of the School of Pont-Aven made works with simple shapes and rhythmic surface patterns, unshadowed lighting and flat colors inspired as much by imagination as by nature.
  2. The triangles concept was abandoned in the early sixties and she went on to make a small number of pure hard edge landscapes with large areas of flat color.
  3. The bland ordinariness of the characters, the flat colors and jerky rhythms of digital cinematography and the constriction of the drama give the picture some impact, but not much resonance.
  4. Elements of his later art are already here : the jostling of illusionary depth with flat color; the all-over patterning; the decorative, kaleidoscopic fragmentation of forms, and the preference for sleek cylindric shapes.
  5. The latter is almost unique among his works for its particularly flat colors and photo-realistic effect, which give the painting its distinctive and modern look, almost akin to American Realists such as Edward Hopper.


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