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  1. His oil, mixed media paintings and sculptures have been shown at fine art establishments such as Flat Color Gallery, Upper Playground / Fifty 24SEA Gallery, Corridor Gallery, Form Space Atelier ( Seattle ), and Alpha Cult Gallery ( LA ).
  2. When I look at the " Metro " interface, my reaction is that it's ugly-- square icons with dull flat colors, it just looks crude and ungainly to me ( in stark contrast to the beautiful interface of Windows 7 ).
  3. As of the eighth book, " The Alien ", the " Animorphs " logo, the author's name, and the book's title were printed in glossy, metallic-look ink, rather than the flat colors that had been used for the first seven books.
  4. Max Arthur Cohen's " Cityscape, " a 1975 oil, uses a late Cubist style, with large areas of flat color overscored by a nervous grid of black lines, to depict a stretch of West 42nd Street centering on the old McGraw-Hill Building.
  5. Deploying letters, numbers and symbolic references to his subjects against planes of flat color, Demuth in his poster portraits separated Precisionist principles from Precisionist subjects-- usually devoid of the human form-- and applied them loosely to portraits of people he cared about.


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