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  1. Starting in the 1970s, he sometimes painted the figures and their settings in bright, flat colors, giving them a visual vibrancy that again reflected his roots in painting . ( His painting background was also manifest in the robustly worked pastels that he made throughout his career and that occasionally showed up in his tableaus ).
  2. Innovators in the visual arts and lithographic process such as French printing firm Rouchon in the 1840s, Joseph Morse of New York in the 1850s, Frederick Walker of England in the 1870s, and Jules Ch閞et of France in the 1870s developed an illustrative style that went beyond tonal, representational art to figurative imagery with sections of bright, flat colors.
  3. "Before, there was faux painting on the columns to make them marble, the ceiling was a two-tone beige color so you could see the architectural detail, and one night this woman came downstairs and told the painter to make everything the same flat color, " said the resident, who volunteered to assist in the project after observing friction between members of the decorating committee.


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