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  1. Although the sounds of the waterfall have long been silent , its name flows on , and can still be heard .
  2. The kamo-gawa river (yodo-gawa river system ) flows on the west side of the station , and marutamachi-bashi bridge crosses over the river .
    駅西側を鴨川 (淀川水系)が流れ、丸太町橋がかかる。
  3. The name of ' tenjin-gawa river ' is given because its middlestream portion flows on the west side of kitano tenman-gu shrine .
  4. The lake biwa canal flows on the immediate east side of this station house , and hotta-bashi bridge--which is dedicated for pedestrian use--was constructed over the canal in 1928 .
  5. There is the liman cold current flowing on the north but , as a result of a geological survey , it has come to light that the the oyashio current (the kuril current ) was once running in that area .
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