foot to footの例文


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  1. For the most part, Blaine simply stood in the hollowed center of the block, nodding and smiling at passers-by, and hopping from foot to foot.
  2. It was really not worthwhile to sit out the palpably lengthy games in which the ball just went from foot to foot, often to an enemy's foot.
  3. In the freezing wind, a huge crowd gathered at the finish, sipping hot chocolate and hopping from foot to foot as they hung in to watch every racer finish.
  4. Also, although a street might be in a high-risk area, the soil conditions can vary from lot to lot or even foot to foot, she said.
  5. "This is totally awesome, " said Stephanie Miller, 34, a Phoenix interior decorator, hopping from foot to foot after her third trip through the fire.


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