foot to footの例文


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  1. By the time the boy was shifting from foot to foot in the doorway, Soto already had lectured his daughter on dating do's and don't's.
  2. When Waltrip won, he danced from foot to foot in Victory Circle and looked into the television lens and screamed, " I just won the Daytona 500 ."
  3. Usually the men head off toward the ocean, a block away, but sometimes they stand in the road, shifting from foot to foot, waiting for a friend to arrive.
  4. Upstairs in the ship's cafeteria, hordes of people are dancing impatiently from foot to foot, awaiting the signal to dish up and demolish 500-calorie slices of cake.
  5. The prince was 10 minutes late in arriving at the ranch, where reporters could see the president in the breezeway of the house shifting from foot to foot like an anxious host.


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