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  1. The two reporters speaking to her shifted from foot to foot _ offering some thoughts about the number of foreign students on scholarships, and trying to evoke the atmosphere of an American campus.
  2. The tone degenerated further when Rhys Williams contrasted Bevan and Foot to Foot's disfavour as he " comes before the Welsh public with an uncongenial armoury of hatred and malicious propaganda ".
  3. They're groggy, and their hair isn't brushed, and some are barefoot or putting on their shoes, and they're bouncing from foot to foot to keep warm.
  4. No phones or TVs spoil the simple life here, and it's fun to watch execs shift from foot to foot, waiting for the one phone in the open-air office.
  5. Shifting impatiently from foot to foot in a corner, waiting for the start of another round, Sugar Boy looked out onto the gym from between the ring's top and middle rope.


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