forging bondsの例文


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  1. Like many West Indians, they have chosen to remain largely apart from African-Americans here, although Diallo's shooting shows signs of forging bonds between the two groups.
  2. Sperm whales are not known for forging bonds with other species, but it was observed that a bottlenose dolphin with spinal deformity had been accepted into a pod of sperm whales.
  3. "He's able to incorporate all the self-awareness and sophisticated cynicism we take for granted in a postmodern world and employ it in characters who forge bonds with the audience.
  4. These " open source projects " not only invited involvement by users at their individual level of learning and desire for engagement, but created connections and forged bonds between individuals across time zones and denominations.
  5. The second night of the blitz, the 21-Q crew, still struggling to bring the Docks'fire under control, have forged bonds with their full-time counterparts and officers in action.


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