forging bondsの例文


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  1. Despite being branded anti-semitic, sexist and racist, Farrakhan gathered a formidable mass of black men, many of whom went to the event to forge bonds with other black men and to find direction.
  2. But behind the murmur of phone lines, the rumble of TVs and the whir of computers, the soft scratch of pens continues, forging bonds among family, friends and strangers that a power outage cannot interrupt.
  3. Tours include shows at Dartmouth alumni events, schools in the area, hotels, businesses, and general down time for the group to forge bonds ( amusement parks, comedy shows, tourist attractions, etc . ).
  4. Hayes said, citing " the feminist movement, civil rights movement, labor movement, where people forge bonds and values in a series of battles that proceed from assumptions not always inherited by the next generation ."
  5. Mrs . Kassebaum and Kennedy sat together through 60 hearings on health care in 1993 and 1994, forging bonds and developing expertise that enabled them to identify the elements of a bill that would be broadly acceptable to Republicans and Democrats alike.


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