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  1. Each of them appears in the season when the crops of wheat are fully grown at the longitude , indicating that there was a common faith in the star for the harvest season in agriculture .
  2. It would appear that ' jo ' was originally the measurement unit of body length based on the length of adult male ( ' jobu ' (丈夫 ) originally meant a man whose height was 1 jo [1 .8 meters those days ], whence it came to mean fully grown man ).
  3. The stories say that benkei stayed in the womb of his mother for 18 months (or three years according to " benkei monogatari " ), and when he was born , he was already as large as a two- or three-year-old boy with his hair long down to the shoulders and all back teeth and front teeth fully grown .
  4. And in the " setsuyo kensetsu " ibaraki doji is described as the child of natives of tamematsu village in kawabe county (which , like tomimatsu , is part of modern-day amagasaki city ), but right from birth his teeth were all grown in , his hair long , his gaze piercing , and his strength beyond that of a fully grown man; consequently , his family were terrified of him and abandoned him near ibaraki village in shimashimo county , where he was picked up by shuten doji .


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