ground hornbillの例文


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  1. Southern ground hornbills very rarely drink : their range is limited at its western end by the lack of trees in which to build nests.
  2. Abyssinian ground hornbills are opportunist feeders, following ungulate herds and forest fires so that they can prey on small animals disturbed by the larger animals or flames.
  3. Recent genetic data shows that ground hornbills form a clade with " Bycanistes ", this clade being a sister taxon to the rest of the hornbill lineage.
  4. Seabirds, along with some Australian and Southern African landbirds such as the southern ground hornbill or white-winged chough, have the longest chick-rearing stage of any bird on earth.
  5. The bird population includes Abyssinian ground hornbills, blue cranes, east African crowned cranes, greater flamingos, marabou storks, ostriches, pink-backed pelicans, and Ruppell's griffon vultures.


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