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  1. The breeding season of the Abyssinian ground hornbill varies across its range : the West African populations breed in June through to August, Nigerian and Ugandan populations breed in January, and Kenyan birds breed as late as November.
  2. An individual held in captivity but which had been caught in the wild died from an infection of the bacteria " Aeromonas hydrophila ", a common pathogen in fish but not previously recorded in wild Abyssinian ground hornbills.
  3. It is currently thought that the ground hornbills, along with " Tockus " and " Tropicranus ", are almost exclusively carnivorous and lack the gular pouch that allows other, less closely related hornbill genera to store fruit.
  4. Heart of Africa, a walking safari where you'll be able to feed giraffes and get up close and personal with an aardvark and an Abyssinian ground hornbill, among other exotic creatures, opens Saturday at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.
  5. The southern ground hornbill is characterized by black coloration and vivid red patches of bare skin on the face and throat ( yellow in juvenile birds ), which are generally believed to keep dust out of the birds eyes while they forage during the dry season.


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