ground hornbillの例文


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  1. On the African Queen, visitors will see white-handed gibbon, siamang, black-and-white ruffed lemur, marabou stork, southern ground hornbill, ring-tailed lemur, robust black spider monkey, pink-backed pelican, and black swan.
  2. In the Afromontane rainforest and transitional rainforest, animal species are varied and include a diverse range of invertebrates inhabiting all Abyssinian black-headed oriole ( Oriolus monacha ), Abyssinian ground hornbill ( Bucorvus abyssinicus ), Abyssinian woodpecker ( Dendropicos abyssinicus ), among others.
  3. It had been suggested azhdarchids were skimmers, but further research has cast doubt on this idea, demonstrating that azhdarchids lacked the necessary adaptations for a skim-feeding lifestyle, and that they may have led a more terrestrial existence similar to modern storks and ground hornbills.
  4. Recent genetic data shows that " Bycanistes " is the sister taxon to ground hornbills, this clade having diverged from the rest of the hornbill lineage early on . " Bycanistes " is thought to represent an early African lineage, while the remaining Bucerotiformes evolved in Asia.
  5. Animals at BestZOO include jaguar, cougar, Sri Lankan leopard, European lynx, serval, Oriental small-clawed otter, banded mongoose, yellow-throated marten, striped skunk, six-banded armadillo, southern tamandua, squirrel monkeys, spotted thick-knee, lilac-breasted roller, southern ground hornbill, kookaburra, African spurred tortoise and dwarf crocodile.


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