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  1. Water locked in the crust as ground ice or ground water could be equivalent to a global Martian sea up to a full kilometer deep,
  2. But he questioned some of the team's imagery interpretations, like their conclusions about the depth of ground ice or water, and the proposed edges of the putative sea.
  3. Because the lava is highly porous, Burr and McEwen said, much of it may have been absorbed by the lava and still persists as shallow ground ice beneath the Cerberus Plains.
  4. Since hydrogen is most likely present in the form of water ice, the spectrometer will be able to measure directly the amount of permanent ground ice and how it changes with the seasons.
  5. A null result would establish that Earth-like life is likely not present in the ground ice, arguably the most habitable environment currently known on Mars, implying that Earth-like life is absent on Mars generally.


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