ground impactの例文


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  1. "The condition of the returned flight suit also indicates that the aviator was not in the aircraft at ground impact, " according to a 2001 unclassified intelligence community report.
  2. Officials have ruled that " ground impact " caused the deaths of 10 men when an airplane carrying members of the Oklahoma State University basketball team crashed Jan . 27.
  3. Perhaps a meteor ground impact would be different and blast the walls located underground with shock waves much in the same manner that sea waves become larger closer to the beach.
  4. Some additional deployments have been reported by accident, as caused by ground impact or post-impact fires, and 14 of the aircraft involved in CAPS deployments have been repaired and put back into service.
  5. But they next heard a warning of an impending stall, heard an alarm system saying " terrain, " meaning they were nearing the ground, and then felt three ground impacts, the second one severe.


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