ground impactの例文


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  1. Those circumstances led to an impact on a terrain obstacle resulting in separation of a part of the left wing with aileron and consequently to the loss of aircraft control and eventual ground impact"
  2. In the early evening of 21 December 1988, the observatory's seismometers recorded the ground impact of Pan Am Flight 103, which crashed into the nearby town of Lockerbie away after being destroyed by a bomb.
  3. There are two types of lava bombs in the field, a more common type with flow shapes and deformation resulting from ground impact, and a type on Toro 1 and Toro 2 which are denser and more rounded.
  4. As the airspeed increases without an increase in height, there comes a point where the pilot's reaction time would be insufficient to react with a flare in time to prevent a high-speed, and thus probably fatal, ground impact.
  5. It was thus likely that when the Captain attempted to level off and then to go-around, the crew failed to immediately retract the spoilers which made it all the more difficult to recover from the stall before ground impact.


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