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  1. "' Guy Bourdin "'( 2 December 1928, Paris  29 March 1991, Paris ), was a French artist and fashion photographer known for his provocative images.
  2. It was during this time in Paris Malige worked with photographers Helmut Newton, who he credits for his first big break on a French Vogue assignment, Bob Richardson, and Guy Bourdin.
  3. After the release of the music video for " Hollywood ", Samuel Bourdin, the son of Guy Bourdin, filed a federal lawsuit that accused Madonna of ripping off the work of his father.
  4. It was hard not to detect references to the 1980s style of Guy Bourdin, Gianni Versace and Azzedine Alaia, who, as it happens, is giving a party for Prada this Saturday in Paris.
  5. Her video for " Hollywood " ( 2003 ) was an homage to the work of photographer Guy Bourdin; Bourdin's son subsequently filed a lawsuit for unauthorised use of his father's work.


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