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  1. Described as " England's answer to Guy Bourdin " Lee rarely did studio or portrait work, relishing the creative freedom available at " Harpers " as opposed to the " do it the "'Vogue " way " approach that prevailed at many other publications.
  2. Jourdan and the Levines are arguably the most innovative designers to use new materials in women's shoes in the period since World War II . In the 1960s and early 1970s Jourdan used its magazine advertising campaigns to advance its avant-garde image by using imagery from the surrealist photographer Guy Bourdin.
  3. Cotton has curated a number of exhibitions on contemporary photography and her publications include " The Photograph as Contemporary Art ", " Imperfect Beauty ", " Then Things Went Quiet ", " Guy Bourdin ", and " Photography is Magic ".
  4. For example, in color fashion photography, there was a French photographer called Guy Bourdin who, particularly in the'60s and'70s, did all these, among others, ads for shoes which were incredible, totally different from what everybody else was doing, and those inspired me a lot.
  5. There was no real inspiration, I was just trying to take a sexy picture . " The result was included in the book " The Greatest Album Covers of All Time ", in which Grant Scott, one of the editors, noted influences from the daring works of Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin in its design.


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