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  1. Lest anyone accuse Schama of being a Little Englander, he has lived outside Britain for 20 years, taught at Harvard and is currently a professor of history and art history at Columbia.
  2. With this change of name came along a built-up of new fields, such as history of science and technology and the social sciences, and the extension of existing ones, such as history and art history.
  3. The red appliqu?fabric on which Emin's bronze head is placed refers to the frequent use of quilting and embroidery in her work, associated with the domestic sphere of women, which challenges masculine frameworks of history and art history.
  4. "` What we're looking for is a Renaissance man or woman who knows not only animation and art but animation history and art history, social history and political science, " said Randy Nelson, dean of Pixar University, Pixar's in-house training unit.
  5. He was one of our first artists who used quotations ( in a postmodernist fashion ) in his ever more complex reasoning and stratified realizations; the quotations were taken from myths and legends, history and art history, from philosophy, film and literature.


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