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  1. An Advisory Council made up of individuals from political and cultural institutions, as well as experts from the fields of history and art history, makes a significant contribution to the outcome of the decision as to which applicants are to receive restitution.
  2. WLG : I majored in music history and literature at Baylor University; my course work included extensive studies in piano and voice, as well as a range of basic courses in conducting and composition, opera workshop, chorus, band, theater history and art history.
  3. David Bernstein, a professor of history and art history at Sarah Lawrence who teaches a course titled " The Unity of the Arts / The Discord of the World, " dealing with Renaissance Rome and with medieval France and Rome, explained the approach this way:
  4. Probably best known for " Citizens, " his 1989 reappraisal of the French Revolution, Schama now teaches history and art history at Columbia University, and it's clear in the program that we're getting his interpretation of British history, not a distillation of history according to a panel of experts.
  5. Elisabeth Rohde studied classical archaeology, ancient history and art history at Berlin University, where she graduated in 1945, with a dissertation entitled " Theseusdarstellungen in der griechischen Vasenmalerei von den Anf鋘gen bis zum vierten Jahrhundert " ( Depictions of Theseus in Greek vase painting from the Beginning until the Fourth Century ).


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