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  1. I'm sure that if I've made any mistakes or left anything out, Prosfilaes will " set the record straight " in a trice ( according to his own inimitable way of looking at things, which I don't pretend to understand ).
  2. A square, and beauie dore ( commonly ) hanging, and held up by chaynes, a pretie distance without the maine gate of a fortresse, and let fal ( as a Portcullis ) in a trice, with a whurrie, and to the confusion of them it reaches, or lights on; also, as Bascule.
  3. You can change a dish from plain to fancy in a trice by sauteing some chopped pecans in a little butter, adding a squeeze of lemon or whisking in a little Dijon or other interesting mustard and then drizzling your instant pecan sauce over grilled, briled, baked or sauteed chicken breasts or fish-- or over plain steamed vegetables, for that matter.
  4. Two of the most daring boats advanced towards the shore, where, by this time, many of those from the hill had collected themselves and were engaged very vigorously in pelting stones; nothing daunted, these two boats seized a small junk lying off the beach, in a trice they had lifted the anchor, and amidst great acclamations brought away their prize.


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