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  1. The title and subtitle of the encyclical were first reported on in a Twitter message by Spanish-language journalist Mercedes De La Torre on 30 May 2015.
  2. In a Twitter Q & A from March 2013, when asked if they were excited for the baby, he replied, " Yeah, really excited about it.
  3. In a Twitter Q & A with fans on the following month, Azalea expressed her desire to have done additional promotion and television performances to support the song commercially.
  4. In March 2014, Sallie was involved in a Twitter spat with TOWIE's James Lock, over claims he cheated on his girlfriend, Danielle Armstrong, with her.
  5. Alvaro Uribe, publicly recognized as a major supporter of the United States war on drugs, claimed to have no knowledge of the affair in a Twitter post on the subject.


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