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  1. To say ' kato ' in japanese sign language , there is a sign imitating the action of ' holding a spear in both hands and thrusting it out .'
  2. According to this , there was a custom to hold the shintai of oshirasama in both hands and spinning them , and going to the direction which the bamen (mask for horses ) turned to .
  3. The term " nito-ryu " (two-sword fencing ) is a general term for the technique of offense and defense with japanese swords or other swords in both hands (left and right hands ).
  4. Shake a round or square mikuji box which is of a weight and size which can be held in both hands (some boxes are too big to hold ) and contains thin sticks , and one of the sticks will come out of the small hole at the bottom of the box , and receive a lot which has the same number as the number on this stick .


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