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  1. The main task of the Daughters of Liberty was to protest the Stamp Act and Townshend Acts through aiding The Sons of Liberty in boycotts and non-importation movements prior to the outbreak of the Revolutionary War.
  2. Forever keen on the England captaincy, Boycott's hopes were cut short when Botham's 149 not out secured victory in Boycott's 101st Test match, and Mike Brearley's position as captain was made secure.
  3. He was manager, responsible for the team's wellbeing, including lodging and logistics and medical care, for the second place trial team at the Summer Olympics in boycott of the Summer Olympics in Moscow, where Cuba dominated men's boxing.
  4. Even among those at the Local 1010 hall today, the optimism was tempered with warnings that many of the potential advantages would be squandered if the merged union's leaders were not more effective than the AFL-CIO has been at getting workers involved in boycotts and other campaigns to press their views.
  5. In adjectival use, the compound quickly gained a hyphen and lost its capitals when, in 1894, William Dean Howells wrote glowingly of " American individuality, the real, simon-pure article . " As in boycott from Captain Boycott and bloomer from Amelia Bloomer, names turn into words and lose their capital letters in eponymy.


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