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  1. Furthermore , variations in character shape are poorer than in the ancient calligraphy of the mature period , but the lines are full of intensity and tension .
  2. On this mt . penglai , stands a stone monument in which is engraved a biography of shigenao imaeda , a composition by junan kinoshita and writing by jozan in characters used on seals .
  3. Songs with a style which is very different in character from that of earlier ' hit songs ' and similar to today ' s enka were developed based on traditional folk songs and rokyoku .
  4. Some people have said that because " chronicles of japan (nihon shoki )" and other indicated history books are edited in different years and they are different in character , they cannot be treated alike ."
  5. Toyotomi ' was its honsei (original name ) and it is different in character from the myoji (family name ) in such cases as the ' oda clan ' (honsei was taira no ason ) and the ' tokugawa clan ' (honsei was minamoto no ason ).


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