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  1. In the illustrated folio versions of the " tale of genji ," the comments were rendered in characters drawn by michikaze , leading people to say that his calligraphy ' imparts a modern effect that was both beautiful and dazzling to behold .'
  2. It does not have a central sutra because of the principle of furyumonji (the thought that the status of enlightenment cannot be expressed in characters or discourses ) and emphasizes shishi sosho (transmission of the teachings and the way of buddhism from a teacher to a disciple ) because of the principle of transmission of spiritual awakening without words or characters and in a heart-to-heart way .
  3. Nachi , which is different in character from hongu and hayatama , was known as a sanctuary for takiroko (ritual devotions under a waterfall for a certain period ), but " kumanogongen kongozao hoden zoko nikki " established in early kamakura period describes a tale of history of religious service in kumano junisho gongen , which tells that enshrined deities of hongu and hayatama were also enshrined by this time .
  4. Based on ' taihon hippo (most writing techniques ), i .e . tenkaku hattai (eight basic elements of characters ) are included in character " 永 " ,' and ' happo (eight techniques ) were created at the beginning of the use of reiji (chinese characters written in the demotic semi-square style ), and ' 八体 (eight shapes ) which have been passed from houhan ' s sai shigyoku via sho and o to later generations are sufficient for ten thousands characters ,' which are stated in tang ' s cho kaikan , " gyokudo kinkei " , a theory has been put forward for its origin that sai en , sho yo , and wang xizhi initiated .


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