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  1. Both during the campaign and in its immediate aftermath, some party members blamed Clarke, who has argued that Britain should adopt a " wait and see " attitude of remaining in common currency negotiations, for the Conservatives'loss of support.
  2. The story it relates may not be entirely true in the matters of its facts, but it relates the essential truth that Robert had prostitute followers  by virtue of showing that such a story was in common currency at the time.
  3. In light of Ryle's critique, we may translate the statement by Emerson ( still very much in common currency ) into, " The ancestor of every action is an action . " ( This is so, since Ryle notes that, " theorizing is one practice amongst others . " )-a reminder of Thomas Aquinas.
  4. Although conservative public intellectual William F . Buckley, Jr ., contended that J . B . Matthews himself coined the term " fellow traveler ", in reality the phrase was an anglicization of a Russian word in common currency since the time of the Russian Revolution of 1917  " poputchik " ( literally : " one who walks the same path " ).
  5. Many Broadway houses are more than 80 years old, and several are creeping toward-- or past-- their 100th birthdays . The Lyceum, for example, a richly ornamented Shubert house and the oldest continually operating theater on Broadway, opened in 1903, long before the words " ergonomic " or " sciatica " were in common currency or the Atkins diet was considered a national necessity.


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