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  1. There are two types of dokkaku; bugyo-dokkaku (部行独覚 ) who pursues enlightenment in company with his peers , and rinkakuyu-dokkaku (麟角喩独覚 ) who searches after enlightenment alone , looking as solitary as a single horn (角 ) of a qilin (麒麟 ) does .
  2. Also , similar situations in companies or groups are sometimes described as insei , but in such cases the further strengthening of power is sought by deciding on a loyal right-hand man or a relative as one ' s successor .
  3. After the change in company name , the opening credits of its films showed the daiei logo against a starry night sky , zooming into the phrase ' produced by daiei motion pictures ' in japanese (written in the old-style right-to-left direction ) to overlap the logo , stopping in position and then descending .
  4. On september 6 (the old calendar ) ieyasu concluded that the distrust of the toyotomi family to the tokugawa family was a factor of such a problem , then sent suden and masazumi honda as envoys to the toyotomi family , and at the meeting in company with okurakyo-no-tsubone and katsumoto , demanded that toyotomi should discuss a measure for conciliation for the both families and come to edo to account for the measure .
    9月6日 (旧暦)、家康は豊臣方の徳川家に対しての不信が問題の要因であるとし、崇伝と本多正純を使者として、大蔵卿局と且元とを同席させた上で、双方の親和を示す方策を講じ江戸に赴いて申し開きするよう要求したという。
  5. Moreover , during the bunroku campaigns he was an overseer who went to korea; in 1592 , in company with naotada shinjo and others , he issued instructions urging korean refugees to return home; in the same and subsequent year (1593 ) he participated in the first and second jinju castle battles and , in august 1595 , was granted an additional 6 ,000 koku of land and became the owner of harima kakogawajo castle (12 ,000 koku ).


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