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  1. The climate there is rather cold in comparison with the basin area , accordingly it is comfortable in summer , while it is terribly cold in winter .
  2. All-night operation on the keihan lines is somewhat more frequently practiced in comparison with the other lines of other railway companies in the kansai district .
  3. This suggests that the edo ' s relative position as the cultural center in comparison with kamigata was raised during and after the later edo period .
  4. This is to show worship and feelings of love and veneration for buddha in comparison with nyorai (tathagata ) who wears a kesa to cover both shoulders (tsu ken ).
  5. The degree to which the outer part is scraped in comparison with the size (or the weight ) of the original rice grain is shown as the polishing ratio (in units of percent ).
    元の米粒の大きさや重量に比べてどれくらいまで外殻部を削り落とすかが、精米歩合(単位 %)として示される。


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