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  1. This sentence looks back on the history of " sorobun " in comparison with spoken style derived from the movement to unify the written and spoken styles of the japanese language .
  2. Although yukinari won michinaga ' s trust , their personal relationship seems to have been a little bit distant in comparison with that between michinaga and the other three .
  3. The meat price has risen considerably in comparison with that in the golden age of commercial whaling , and the steep rise has sometimes been disputed in relation to the problem of whaling .
  4. However it is suspect as to whether shingen did these things , as the creditability of " koyo gunkan " was questionable in comparison with other historical materials .
  5. This punishment is considered to be weak on practically and prevention effect in comparison with criminal punishment , so only sabo-ho (erosion control act ), the article 36 , provides it in current japanese law .


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