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  1. The following is the ritsu of china that are placed in the order of lowest to highest , in comparison with the pitch name of western music (kosho [the first note of the ancient chromatic scale ]; the reference tone , is set at c ).
  2. He made the top ten of the " kinema junpo " (cinema quarter ) six times , and this number is unexpectedly small in comparison with his fame , because many of his films were too unique that they used to be ranked between 11th and 20th .
  3. He is portrayed as a person who , in comparison with his elder brother , taira no shigemori who was a person of excellent caliber , was an arrogant , conceited ignoramus who brought the hatred of other clans upon himself .
  4. In comparison with the design of the previous station house , there were many opinions for the present design , some being " for " and some " against ," but the present one earned a " good design " award in fiscal year 1997 .
  5. He corrected major chinese versions of buddhist scriptures in comparison with sanskrit texts and introduced the outcome widely to european academic societies , and in that way he played an important role in forming the basis of the modern buddhism studies .


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