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  1. Bussetsu muryoju-kyo (the sutra of the buddha of immeasurable life ), japanese translation from sanskrit texts in comparison with five chinese versions , and bussetsu amida-kyo (the sutra on amida buddha ), japanese translation from sanskrit texts in comparison with two chinese versions (1908 )
  2. In this comic book , toshiie was described as an old man with middle-aged spread who envies keijiro persistently , is made fun of , or cries loudly like a child , and because of his role he is looked down on considerably in comparison with real toshiie .
  3. He learned european modern techniques of the buddhist studies under friedrich max muller of oxford university and was engaged in translating chinese buddhist scriptures into english and correcting chinese buddhist scriptures in comparison with sanskrit scriptures .
  4. The basic one is where a big catfish in namazu-e is replaced with the god of measles , such as ' hashika nochino yojo ' (care after measles ) in comparison with ' sokuseki namazu hanashi ' (quick talk on catfish ) where people are beating a catfish in the drawing .
  5. Although its fixed property tax is set low in comparison with that of housing or agricultural land , the inheritance tax imposed at the time of the generation change is calculated as the assessed value of the average neighboring housing land minus the land development expenses .


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